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emweb is a micro web server for Node.js, designed to be lightweight and efficient.
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emweb is a micro web server designed to be lightweight and efficient. emweb supports mods.



$ npm install emweb

Quick Start

To set up a basic web server:

var emweb = require('emweb');
var server = new emweb.Server();

By default, the server reads files from ./public/. All files should be placed in here as forward slashes are stripped from requests. The server requires root privileges to run as it listens on port 80, the standard port used for HTTP.

$ sudo node index

The server drops root privileges as soon as it is listening on port 80. This can be verified by running ps -u.


The server attempts to read additional config from ./config.js by default.

var server = new require('emweb').start();
module.exports = function()
    // change the public directory = '/var/www/';

    // set user id and group id - must be able to read /var/www/
    this.uid = 'emweb';
    this.gid = 'emweb';

    // change the index page from index.html to home.html
    this.routes.default = 'home.html';

    // change the 404 page from 404.html to notfound.html
    this.routes[404] = 'notfound.html';

    // map common file types to content types
    this.content_types.css = 'text/css';
    this.content_types.png = 'image/png';
    this.content_types.gif = 'image/gif';
    this.content_types.mp4 = 'video/mp4';
    this.content_types.txt = 'text/plain';
    this.content_types.getjson = 'application/json';

    // ignore caching all mp4 files
    this.cache_ignores.mp4 = true;

    // ignore caching png files IF over 400KiB in size
    this.cache_ignores.png = 409600;

    // ignore caching OTHER files IF over 100KiB in size
    this.cache_ignores.default = 102400;

    // don't handle certain file types
    this.handlers.log = false;
    this.handlers.bak = false;
    this.handlers.db = false;
    this.handlers.json = false;

    // an example handler, just for demonstration purposes
    this.handlers.getjson = function(request, response, request_url, data)

    // listen on port 1337
    this.port = 1337;

    // bind to all ipv4 AND ipv6 hosts
    this.bind_host = '::';

    // disable logging
    this.do_log = false;

    // for some weird reason, change the default content type to javascript
    this.content_types.default = 'application/javascript';
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