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Shockwallet is a non-custodial SuperApp for the Bitcoin Lightning Network. It connects to a remote LND node and graph user nodes, to offer an open and decentralized social network.



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ShockWallet Alpha

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Banner Shockwallet connects to your remote Lightning node, it overlays graph user nodes for a decentralized social network.

Running a Shockwallet node requires the Shock API backend, and LND


  • Basic LND Channel and Peer Management
  • Fee Control from source
  • LNURL-Pay, Withdraw and Channel
  • Social Personas, Presence Indication and Feeds
  • E2EEncrypted Chat/Messaging
  • Automatic Seed and Channel Backup
  • Sender-Initiated Payments (Keysend-less)
  • Provider-less Notifications with node monitor (Android only)
  • LND 11 with Keysend & MPP (sharded payments)
  • Invoice liquidity intercept
  • Torrent Content Streaming
  • Torrent Publishing and Seed Service
  • Guest Webclient (prototype)
  • Advanced Coin Control and PSBT
  • Advanced Channel Management
  • Automatic Swaps
  • Portable LNURL-Auth Keyring

Download Android APK

Node installer available at shocknet/Wizard

Build from source


Requires Android Studio and React-Native CLI

git clone
cd wallet
yarn install
react-native run-android //to run in Android Studio emulator
yarn build:release //to build APK


Help Wanted: bc1q2pn0rf92mt3pznjxq9gg3wkmjv0cmuy88tmfl8

If you find any issues with this project, or would like to suggest an enhancement, please tell us.

© 2020 Shock Network, Inc.