streaming opengl commands over network
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Streaming opengl commands over network

A fast, simple, lightweight and low latency framework suitable for embedded systems. (no X server needed)

gl-streaming summary

  • gl_client : client framework and sample program

    The client system does not need to have any GPU and heavy X server. Even without GPU, opengl programs can be run on any system !

  • gl_server : server framework

    gl_server is optimized for Raspberry Pi for now. Therefore, the client system can use opengl es 2.0.

Demo Video

Demo Video1

Demo Video2

Quick start

connect RPi and the client system with a ethernet cable. (straight cable is ok)

connect RPi to a display with HDMI cable. (yes, RPi do it)

copy the gl_server directory to RPi.

cd gl_server


./gl_server -s -c

(Usage: ./gl_server [-s my_ip_address:port] [-c client_ip_address:port])

copy the gl_client directory to any computer.

cd gl_client


./sample1 -s -c -j /dev/input/js0

./sample2 -s -c -j /dev/input/js0

(Usage: ./sampleX [-c my_ip_address:port] [-s server_ip_address:port] [-j joystick_device])


BSD 3-Clause license (except other's source code)

about sample2 camel model: original model from License:CC0 author: noway, sandsound (Thanks for sharing!)



Raspberry Pi

Special Thanks

Thank you very much for your interest and advices.

noway / sandsound / GClements @OpenGL forum / The Little Body @OpenGL forum / Stephen A @OpenGL forum / over9000 @Parallella forum / LamsonNguyen @Parallella forum / Gravis @Parallella forum / svartalf @Parallella forum / Raspberry Pi Foundation / Adapteva /

(c) Shodruky Rhyammer

since Oct 21, 2013