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Shoebot Atom extension

This Atom package works with Shoebot, which needs to be installed in your system.

Along with syntax highlighting and Shoebot file type, this package provides these commands:

  • Run (Ctrl-Alt-R): Run the open sketch on a window
  • Export (Ctrl-Alt-E): Run and save the output to a file (SVG, PNG or PDF)
  • Export video: Run and save to an MP4 file

These commands are also available in the Packages menu or (better) on the right-click context menu.

Install and setup

Be sure to set the directory where Shoebot was installed. The default is ~/virtualenvs/shoebot/bin/sbot, which should work if you installed Shoebot using the recommended Virtualenvwrapper method.


This extension is very new, so it's likely that you might run into issues while trying it out. Please make an issue with the details and we'll help you out.