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- an artsy any-platform app kit
-# About Shoes
-Shoes is the best little DSL for cross-platform GUI programming there is. It feels like real Ruby, rather than just another C++ library wrapper. If Gtk or wxWidgets is Rails, Shoes is Sinatra.
-# Let me tell you a story about Shoes
- Way way back in the day, there was a guy named \_why. He created a project known as [Hackety Hack]( to teach programming to everyone. In order to reach all corners of the earth, \_why decided to make Hackety Hack work on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. This was a lot of work, and so \_why decided to share his toolkit with the world. Thus, Shoes was born.
-Everybody loved Shoes. Many apps were made, and put into [The Shoebox]( But, one day, \_why left. In his memory, Team Shoes assembled, and carried on making Shoes. They released Shoes 3 in late summer 2010.
-# Shoes Around the Web
-If you want to keep up to date with what's going on with Shoes, you can find us in various places:
-* [Official Shoes Site](
-* [Source Code @ GitHub](
-* [Issue tracker @ GitHub](
-* [Mailing List]( (send an email to to join)
-* [Twitter account](
-* [Facebook page](
-* IRC room on Freenode, #shoes
-# Helping out with Shoes
-So you'd like to lend a helping hand, eh? Great! We'd love to have you. To submit a patch to Shoes, just fork us, and send a pull request.
-If you don't have any ideas yourself, take a look at the [Issue tracker]( and see if anything strikes your fancy. If you need help working on something, don't be afraid to post to the mailing list about it!
-Be sure to [peer into the Shoes Wiki]( for instructions on how to get the source code to build, and to learn more knowledge that will come in handy if you want to help out!
-If you're not a programmer, you can help Shoes by talking about it! Blog posts, tweets, tell your neighbors, call your grandma, whatever! Share Shoes with everyone!
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