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Welcome to Shoes-Contrib

You've found the shoes-contrib project.

What is shoes-contrib?

Shoes-contrib is a collection of examples for Shoes, the best little GUI toolkit for Ruby. We've packaged up a bunch of great little scripts to show off different parts of Shoes, so if you're looking to tinker around, need to find an example of some part of the api, or just want to see what Shoes can do, you're in the right place!

How can I try the examples out?

If you'd like to give a specific example a shot, you can just copy any of the examples into a file, and open them with Shoes. Easy peasy!

If you'd like to try out a bunch of examples, you can open the browser.rb file with Shoes, and it'll give you a little app that opens any of the other examples, perfect for playing with a few of them!

How can I contribute?

If you've got any fun examples with Shoes, please fork the repo, add them, and send us a pull request! Bonus points for smaller examples, ones with comments, and screenshots of your example in action.

I have a question!

If something's not clear, just send an email to the shoes mailing list,, and we'll straighten things out. Or, hop on #shoes on Freenode, if you're into that whole IRC thing.

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