Use cukes to test your Shoes!
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                                       j   tt
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 tD   D                                D
 D      L   D    DDDtD   D  L  GD DD   D DDD   DDDtL GD
tD      D   D   D tD D   D  j   DD DD  DD tD  D tD Dt D
GD      D   D  D     D   D  DD tD  D  tD  tD D  LD DD
DD      D  tD  D     D  tD  DD tD  D  tD  jD D  D  D
DD      D  DD  D    tD  DD  D  fD  D  LD  D  DDt   D
tD   D tD  fD  DD G tD LGD  D  DD  D  DD  D  D  D tD
 GDDD   DD tDD tDD   DD jDD D  D   DD tDDt   DDD  tD

... for Shoes!


Team Shoes needs to run tests to make Shoes. You make Shoes apps; you probably want to test them too! Well, shoes-cucumber to the rescue!

... but not just yet

This project is in the 'primordial-ooze' stage. See that 0.0.1? Yeah. I'm serious. So! It's probably not useful to you yet. But don't let me stop you! Just know that it's quite limited.

Using it

Just require 'shoes/cucumber' in your env.rb, and make sure you've got 'shoes-cucumber' in your Gemfile. Easy as pie!