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The best little GUI toolkit, for Ruby.

The road ahead : Shoes 4

Shoes 3 will be the last release of the original C based Shoes (the repository you're looking at). Come and look at Shoes 4 if you want a glimpse of the future!

Shoes 4 is shaping up nicely, but every commit counts. You might be able to make a difference!

The side road ahead: Shoes 3.2

Some people just won't let Shoes 3 drift away. Cecil decided to produce a Shoes 3.2 that keeps some of the 'C' and MRI Shoes magic alive and actually makes it work with Ruby 2.x.y on OSX, Windows, and for the first time, Linux downloads of Shoes (x86_64, i686. armhf) really work. He claims to have special sauce so that binary gems are much more likely to to work. "It's only a maintenance release", he says.

Welcome to the Shoes development wiki

This wiki contains information that's important to anyone who wants to hack away on the code of Shoes itself. If you'd like to use Shoes to build applications, you don't need any info from here! Just go to the Shoes website and download Shoes. You can also find the Shoes manual and a book, Nobody Knows Shoes. This'll get you started building applications with Shoes.

No, seriously. I want to make my own pair of Shoes

Awesome! We'd love to have you help out with Shoes. Here's some resources you're gonna need:

I want to help, but I don't know what to do!

If you're interested in Shoes, but don't know where to start, here's some handy advice:

  • Check out the Shoes issue tracker, and see if there are any bugs that interest you.
  • If there are, take a shot at trying to fix one!
  • If you get stuck doing that, post to the mailing list, and we'll work on it together!
  • If there aren't any known bugs that tickle your fancy, see if you can find some of your own! If you find any, report them on the tracker, and then give the fix a shot.

We could also really use some help on two fronts:

  • Someone who knows Mac OS 10.5 well. Nobody on Team Shoes has access to Leopard, so we're only supporting Snow Leopard for now.
  • Someone who's smooth with Windows 7/Vista. Same sort of deal: we have some access, but most of our Windows expertise is on XP...
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