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a tiny graphical app kit for ruby
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gemutils workable gui to copy gems. #320 Feb 16, 2017
lib for #438 - minor help with gem building Apr 17, 2019
make for #438 - improve rvm/rbenv bleeding paths into shoes. Apr 16, 2019
platform for #421 - install will warn if Windows PATH is too long to modify. Jan 13, 2019
plugin-mxe for #420 - finish vagrant changs to shoes3 Jan 1, 2019
req Removing ftsearch Feb 16, 2017
samples many things #400 Jun 19, 2018
shoes initial work on getting docker added to shoes Aug 23, 2019
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Vagrantfile partial fix for #391 Feb 5, 2019
app.yaml more rake fixes. Msys2 target works. replace Lacuna font. Oct 1, 2018
gtk3.22.15-deprecations.txt for #365 -- issues with newer gtk3 on bsd Sep 2, 2017 issue #420 begin setup for multiple vagrant boxes Dec 29, 2018
rakefile_mingw.rb Revert remove (partial) mingw target for #312 Feb 12, 2017
startup.yaml done with #420 - for now Dec 20, 2018

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an artsy any-platform app kit <>

The source described below is at and you can follow a blog at

The wiki has articles you might find useful.


This is Shoes 3.3 (Walkabout). Download binaries for your platfrom from

Earlier releases of Shoes were Raisins, Policeman and Federales (2.0, 3.1 and 3.2) There is a Shoes 4 under development. For historical reasons (the color of the icon in Raisins), it's also called Red Shoes. Red Shoes is written in C (and some Objective C on the Mac). Shoes 4 is written in Java.

Federales was a maintenance release to keep Red Shoes current with modern Linux, OSX, and Windows distributions and newer versions of Ruby and ruby gems. Federales didn't really add any new features to Shoes except that it works now. The packaging ability is working again!

Walkabout (Shoes 3.3) does add new features to Shoes Features that may not be compatible with Shoes 4.

  • new options for packaging.
  • Uses a more modern Ruby (2.2.+) and Ruby Gems (2.4.+)
  • Shoes can display SVG files and sub-sections (group name) of them.
  • Video widgets work again. Dependent on all kinds of thing Shoes can't control.

The latest stable version is 3.3.6; you can read about it here, and download it from here.

Remember, no one is happy if the Shoes don't fit so report your bug.

Run, Build Shoes with Docker!

If you haven't already add your user to the docker group: sudo usermod -aG docker $USER

cd into your the cloned shoes3 repo to build docker: cd shoes3/ then run docker build -t shoes-dev .

To run shoes apps from docker simple run: docker run --net=host --env="DISPLAY" --volume="$HOME/.Xauthority:/root/.Xauthority:rw" shoes-dev samples/simple/calc.rb

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