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I have pulled the homepage hero banner to the top while pushing the shoes description under that. I believe it enhances the message that shoes is damn too easy and usable framework.

Let me know what you think.


Thanks! Could you perhaps put the css in one of the existing stylesheets? Then we don't have to include another one.

Marios Antonoudiou Reorganize homepage layout f3828bc

Done! I have squashed the commits into one, for cleaner history.

@mariosant mariosant closed this Feb 3, 2014
@mariosant mariosant reopened this Feb 3, 2014
Shoes member

Hey @qboss, sorry this didn't get dealt with back when you did the work. It looks like things have moved on enough it doesn't merge cleanly, and there's an upcoming revamp of the site's look and feel underway over on #52.

Were you interested in bringing this up to date with the current gh-pages tip? If so, I'd be happy to see about integrating things until the new design arrives.

Again, sorry we dropped the ball here 😦 but appreciate your work on it.

Marios Antonoudiou Merge master 598c375

@jasonrclark good to go.


@jasonrclark sorry, this one got done in a hurry hold this PR until further notice please.

@mariosant mariosant closed this Aug 18, 2014
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