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A lightweight spotify hotkey manager.
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SpotKey is a lightweight Spotify hot-key manager.

Planned Features

  • The ability to play exact playlists utilizing vars.
  • The ability to play exact tracks utilizing vars.
  • A UI or something else to manage SpotKey.

How to Use

Firstly, execute the jar within the command line. When started, it will prompt you to your browser where you must accept the agreement, and then copy the provided code. You must then paste the code into the command prompt. This requires Spotify Premium

You can define specific keystrokes in the SpotKey configuration folder. If you're on Windows, you can expect to find this at %appdata%/spotkey/conf.json. On Linux, this is at /etc/spotkey/conf.json.

The format for the configuration file should be

    "use-default": true,
    "keys": [
            "keystroke": "shift ctrl N",
            "actions": [0, 1]
    "vars": []

The use-default indicates if you're using the default hot-keys. These consist of simple hot-keys such as alt P to pause. (view the bottom)

Actions are defined by Integers. The tasks are executed in the way they're put. Like in the example above, it'd go 0 then 1.

There can also be detailed actions. These are defined by the same integers but also have different values that modify it. Like 3:incr|30. Every time the keystroke is pressed, it would increase the volume by 30. If you wanted to something like 3:incr|30 and 3:decr|30, do them in separate actions.

A keystroke should me in the format of modifier key. Like: ctrl F. Keys, like F, should be uppercase.

You can view all default actions here.

If there's an issue that you know how to fix, please make a pull request. If you're confused, message me on discord at sho#0001.

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