Administer your server like never before -- Because RCON was so retro
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PocketDockConsole -- Because RCON was so retro

##What does this plugin do?

  • Allows server admins to have a quick and easy way to administer their servers without the need for RCON
  • Gives admins the ability to manage their server from a familiar interface that they can access with ANY web browser (at least ones that have WebSockets)
  • Remove the need for other administration tools (you can see everything)
  • Give admins a way to have trusted users administer the server as if they were sitting at the console

###PocketDockConsole is a plugin for PocketMine-MP with the following initiatives:

  • Allow people to manage their servers quickly and easily
  • Show the power of both PocketMine (and PHP)
  • Get people to make more awesome plugins
  • Have some fun

##How do I use this awesome plugin?

  1. Download the Phar file from either GitHub releases or the PocketMine Forums
  2. Drop it into your plugins/ folder
  3. Restart the server
  4. Edit the password and port in the config (password is important, the port can be left the same)
  5. Have fun!

###Technologies used in this project

  1. WebSockets
  2. Term.js - By: Christopher Jeffrey []
  3. Some guidance from PHP-Push-WebSocket []