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A Crafty component tha facilitates the use of the Physics Engine Box2D(box2dweb)
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It's a component that facilitates the use of the Physics Engine Box2D in Crafty. The Box2D implementation that the component use is box2dweb.

Using CraftyBox2D

First you must init the box2dWorld as follow Crafty.box2D.init(0, 10, 32, true);

The above code initialize the world with 0 for the world gravity in the x-axis, 10 for the world gravity in the y-axis 32 for the pixel-to-meter ratio, and allow the world sleep. The init method also attach the world.steep() function tho the stage "EnterFrame" event

Once the world has been initialized, you can start to add entitys with the Box2D component

// Setup floor
var floor = Crafty.e("2D, Canvas, Box2D")
    .attr({ x: 0, y: 0})
        bodyType: 'static',
        shape: [
                [0, 300],
                [400, 300]

// Add simple box
var box = Crafty.e("2D, Canvas, Color, Box2D")
     .attr({ x: 0, y: 0, w:20, h:20})
            bodyType: 'dynamic'

Above first we create the floor, set the bodyType to static, and set the collition box in the botom of the stage then we create a box with 20x20 pixels, red color and set the body type to dynamic and left the collition area to the default values. Running the game a see the box falling to the floor.

the are more options that you can set, please see the demo game code for more.

Is very recommended the reading of the Box2D manual for a review of all the options that you can use

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