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Without these people JSON Framework wouldn't be what it is today. Please let me know if I've mistakenly omitted anyone.

Blake Seely

Inspiration for early versions of this framwork came from Blake's BSJSONAdditions.

Marc Lehmann

Marc is the author of the excellent JSON::XS Perl module. The number validation routine in my framework is re-licensed from his module, with his permission.

Jens Alfke,,

Patches that gave a speedup of 11 times for generation and 5 times for parsing of the long (about 12k) JSON string I was using for testing.

Greg Bolsinga

  • Patch for dropping the dependency on AppKit, making this a Foundation framework.
  • Patch for building a static library, and instructions for creating a custom SDK suitable for the iPhone.

Ben Rimmington

Patch speeding writing up by about 100% and parsing by 10% for certain inputs.


Patch to remove memory leak.


  • Patch to be warning-free with -Wparanthesis.
  • Prompted me to fix some Clang static analysis errors.


Patch to stop memory leak in -JSONValue and friends.


Provided patch to fix crash when parsing facebook chat responses.

Joerg Schwieder

Patch to install instructions for use of static library.

Mike Monaco

Pointed out embarrasing mistake in logic to report errors in the category methods of 2.2.1.

dewvinci & Tobias Höhmann

Performance patch for integer numbers and strings without special characters.

George MacKerron

Reported bug in SBJsonWriter's handling of NaN, Infinity and -Infinity.


Reported bug with header inclusion of framework.

Lloyd Hilaiel

For his work on YAJL (Yet Another JSON Library)

Gabriel Handford

For his work on YAJL-ObjC.

Andy Warwick

Reported several build-issues that I didn't catch.