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Here comes the new SubsetStack system #480

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Every class which should have subsets now has a variable of type CSubsetStack instead of CSubset.
Its possible to add as many as you like, works like a stack
All the logic is now in the stack, so the classes (currently Features, Labels) dont have to do anything but just provide wrapper methods

The CSubset class has changed and is now a wrapper for the SGVector of indices.
Currently, all index sets are copied when a CSubset is created in CSubsetStack, however, as soon as there is ref-counting for SGVector, this should be changed.


karlnapf added some commits
@sonney2k sonney2k merged commit 4328d97 into shogun-toolbox:master
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Commits on Apr 22, 2012
  1. @karlnapf

    Changed subset system to use stacks of subsets.

    karlnapf authored
    These are the basic classes needed for this
  2. @karlnapf

    added get_last_element()

    karlnapf authored
  3. @karlnapf

    added get_last_element()

    karlnapf authored
  4. @karlnapf
  5. @karlnapf
  6. @karlnapf

    bug fixes, changes, comments

    karlnapf authored
  7. @karlnapf
  8. @karlnapf
  9. @karlnapf
  10. @karlnapf
  11. @karlnapf

    made example much smaller

    karlnapf authored
  12. @karlnapf
  13. @karlnapf
  14. @karlnapf
  15. @karlnapf
  16. @karlnapf


    karlnapf authored
  17. @karlnapf

    SGVector to const SGVector&

    karlnapf authored
  18. @karlnapf

    SGVector to const SGVector&

    karlnapf authored
    bugfix in get_unique_labels (subset case)
  19. @karlnapf
  20. @karlnapf
  21. @karlnapf

    make get_last_element work

    karlnapf authored
  22. @karlnapf

    SGVector to const SGVector&

    karlnapf authored
  23. @karlnapf

    renamed some methods according to new subset system

    karlnapf authored
    SGVector to const SGVector&
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