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streaming MMD #793

merged 38 commits into from Oct 15, 2012

1 participant

SHOGUN Maintainers member

Huge patch with

-fixes for streaming features (mostly memory error fixes)
-new classes for data generation
-MMD now works with streaming features
-reworked many examples to make tracking memory errors easier
-MMD examples now use streaming MMD
-kernel now has get_kernel_diagonal() method

karlnapf added some commits Sep 27, 2012
@karlnapf karlnapf initial commit of new streaming data generator class a238530
@karlnapf karlnapf removed again d3ff644
@karlnapf karlnapf added getter for parameters based on name 904e4d6
@karlnapf karlnapf updated NEWS 90fbeff
@karlnapf karlnapf reduce two vector members to one and renamed 1960da1
@karlnapf karlnapf updated linear time MMD to work with streaming features c0540ed
@karlnapf karlnapf print to debug message f83de6f
@karlnapf karlnapf added check whether parser was started at least once in order to avoi…
…d memory errors
@karlnapf karlnapf white space b0d95b0
@karlnapf karlnapf added mean shift data generator class 08c91f6
@karlnapf karlnapf added example for data generators for streaming data and a first test…
… for mean shift data
@karlnapf karlnapf in case of not enough streaming data available, return a smaller dens…
…e features object (with smaller matrix)
@karlnapf karlnapf added debug messages for destructor 0a600ea
@karlnapf karlnapf added memory address in debug message cc20b00
@karlnapf karlnapf removed code from the main function and replaced code for retreiving …
…dense features from streaming features by new easier method get_streamed_features
@karlnapf karlnapf removed code from main function to a separate test function in order …
…to have SHOGUN not complaining about memory leaks
@karlnapf karlnapf changed comment 36dcc56
@karlnapf karlnapf fixed bugs and added test case where get_streamed_features asks for m…
…ore data than is available
@karlnapf karlnapf made example work f43d386
@karlnapf karlnapf added parser handling to class and mention this is description ce6bd71
@karlnapf karlnapf removed a really stupid routine (by myself) that caused memory errors…
… when SGVectors were created in main function
@karlnapf karlnapf added equals and == for SGMatrix df5a4ad
@karlnapf karlnapf made SHOGUN aware of memory allocation by using SG_MALLOC and SG_FREE 4fbc09f
@karlnapf karlnapf fixed a memory bug
removed first_run variable
added debug messages
@karlnapf karlnapf removed parser start and end calls e413839
@karlnapf karlnapf added memory handling via release_example f1243e1
@karlnapf karlnapf added safety checks that avoid null-pointer exceptions 48a7d1b
@karlnapf karlnapf added blocksize handling for linear time MMD.
modified examples to work on streaming features
@karlnapf karlnapf added initilalizations that were forgotten 154c3f3
@karlnapf karlnapf added get_kernel_diagonal method d5c7472
@karlnapf karlnapf added notes about new streaming MMD 28281d6
@karlnapf karlnapf added mean shift generator templates 6796f0f
@karlnapf karlnapf make use of streaming feature base data generator 2414ac3
@karlnapf karlnapf added setter for joint features from p and q 2c7f9cc
@karlnapf karlnapf make examples work with new streaming data generators e3cbf38
@karlnapf karlnapf commented out for now, needs more work 7dd7603
@karlnapf karlnapf added notes about new data generator classes b350256
@karlnapf karlnapf typo 21e7b5f
@karlnapf karlnapf merged commit 3755c8f into shogun-toolbox:master Oct 15, 2012
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