Future of Shogun Brainstorming

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shogun features wishlist:

  1. OpenMP support
  2. replace SG_REF + SG_UNREF with smart pointers (maybe c++11?)
  3. support for drop-in replacement for std malloc (memory managment). e.g. jemalloc
  4. thread pool
  5. add CSGObject::clone() that implements clone() for all the derived classes
  6. implement baseline ML algorithms that are almost in every other ML library are available (random forests, adaboost)
  7. documention/howto/examples for each and every algorithm we have in shogun. the examples preferable implemented in python
  8. large scale
  9. SGString -> SGReferencedData
  10. nice model selection syntax for convenient model selection
  11. cmake based configure
  • swig R
  • compile wrapper code size
  • switch to cmake
  • wish to install a binary for the user
  • ipython notebook for documentation
  • nightly binary builds .tar .rpm .deb