Heiko Strathmann

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Email: heiko.strathmann@gmail.com (Please do not write me directly about GSoC, but always write to the mailing list)

Website: http://www.herrstrathmann.de

irc: HeikoS


Occupation: PhD student at Gatsby Computional Neuroscience Unit, UCL Interests: Machine Learning, Computational Statistics, Neuroscience, Open-Source Software, Coffee Climbing, Jazz, Maths


Heiko initially got involved in Shogun by using it for his undergraduate thesis, and then later as a student in GSoC 2011 and GSoC 2012. From initial mostly code contributions, he then transitioned into organising the project as well as mentoring/admin work for GSoC (2013, 2014). Heiko now mostly thinks about where Shogun move next, presents it at and organises workshops, and reviews code of GSoC students. Along with Sören, he is also voted head of the Shogun foundation.

Ask him about

  • Shogun's deep internals, such as the parameter framework
  • Cross-validation and model-selection
  • Kernel embeddings statistics (MMD, HSIC, etc)
  • Gaussian processes