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The files in lib/suffixarray/ BWT.{cpp,h}, InductionSort.h, IntroSort.h, MSufSort.{cpp,h} and Stack.h belong to the MSufSort suffix sorting algorithm Version 2.2; Author: Michael A Maniscalco, Date: November 3, 2005 and are according to the author free for any use at all:

=====snip==== Hello Soeren,

MSufSort is free for any use at all. There is a stronger version than 2.0.1 though. Version 2.2 has been available for a long time. Also, version 3.0 which is far stronger than 2.2 will be available within two months time.

  • Michael

Dear Michael Maniscalco,

we are developing a open source machine learning toolbox and make use of your msufsort implementation ( ).

As there is no license file in this archive, is it OK if we use this under the GPLv2 or MPL license ?

Best regards, Soeren =====snip====