Make a new release

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How to release a new version of shogun

In order to create a new release of shogun, you just need to run the following commands, the rest will be taken care of the release pipeline.

First choose the new release version of the library. for this howto let's say we want to release 5.1.0.

First of all checkout the develop branch of shogun and pull the latest from that branch:

git checkout develop
git fetch --tags
git pull
git submodule update

Make sure that the NEWS file contains a new section for the target release, where the first line in the change log should contain the version of shogun, e.g.

   * SHOGUN Release version 5.1.0 (libshogun 17.2, data 0.11, parameter 1)

please make sure that the major changes are reflected in the section for the new release.

Once it's done and committed to the develop branch run the following commits to create a release branch and then merge it into master, that will trigger the release pipeline:

git clean -dfx
git flow release start 5.1.0
git flow release finish -s 5.1.0
#(in case of merge conflicts fix them and do git commit -a ; git flow release finish -s 5.1.0 )
git push
git push --tags