Meeting 2

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date: August 27, 2013

IRC Logs

  1. Preparations for the next (post-GSoC) Shogun release, version 3.0

    • all the required tasks that we've discussed during the meeting are added to the Shogun 3.0 milestone
    • fixing the remaining issues with buildbots, e.g. static interfaces, cygwin etc see issue: #1401 #1402 #1411 #1415 #1416 #1479
    • fix CPACK scripts for creating tar.gz and .deb, .rpm and .mpkg packages #1488 #1487 #775 #353
    • create a page on our site where we will upload the nightly built packages #1481
    • start generating and uploading nightly ipython notebooks as well integrate it into the webpage #1482 @sonney2k, @wiking, @iglesiasg
    • slowly start pushing (gsoc) commiters to fix their buildbot warnings
    • live demos integration into the webpage #1483
    • check how we could autotest demos #1484
    • restructure NEWS, INSTALL, README #1471 #1386
    • update #1485
  2. Serialisation framework

    • fix the remaining issues in feature/SerialUTests branch and merge it #1464. Basically JSON does not support NaN or INF. Solution: just SG_ERROR in JSON writer if it is about to write out INF or NaN.
    • add a more precise JSON back-end like msgpack @wiking
  3. Integration tests

    • see the discussion at issue #1253
  4. Application to NIPS workshop

    • deadline: october 9
    • @Heiko organizing the whole application, possibly going and present it as well
  5. auto generate obtain_from_generic function for all classes

    • see issue #1348 @wiking
  6. Sergey's idea about auto setter/getter

    • Sergey is going to create a feature branch. More info and discussion at #1265