Soumyajit De [Rahul]

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Email: irc: lambday


Occupation: Software engineer at Oracle in Bangalore, India. Interests: Statistical Machine Learning, Kernel Methods, C++ Design Problems, Algorithms,Sci-Fi Films, Comics, Rock and Trance Music.


I came in touch with Shogun since January 2013 through one course project. I became more involved during my participation in GSoC 2013 and 2014, both years with Heiko as my Shogun mentor. I worked on the log-determinant estimation module for large sparse matrices, statistical hypothesis testing module and feature selection framework. I also wrote the initial design and components in the linalg library for shogun.

Ask him about

  • Shogun's linalg internals (and externals)
  • Computation engine and independent job framework
  • Shogun in general - getting started, adding a new data-type support, memory management
  • Recipe of any Indian dish (kidding, I don't know squat)