Stammtisch 2016 12 12

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Video call Heiko & Viktor, summarising discussions at NIPS 2016 with Gunnar and Sergey.


  • Send Gunnar list of foundation options for him to discuss with funding person
  • Write to NumFocus, attempting to join as affiliated (not fully integrated) project to get funding
  • Write to FSC, attempting to join


  • Gunnar aims to hire a Software guy to help on Shoguns portability / installation. What can we do to help?


Next steps in framework:

  • Merge tags branch (remove member variables, fix build, one class at a time)
  • Draft plugin/base framework for a single simple example
  • Merge linalg



  • Air for release around Xmas, merge omp branch, try to fix random forest parallelisation
  • There is a milestone for 5.1 as well