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Shall I Carve - Points: ???




TLDR: This challenge is a simply use case of extundelete followed by a walk through a ton of compression utilities. Then grep for the flag.

So I started by looking at this image in testdisk. As seen in the below screenshot, I saw that the partition was ext4 and there was a deleted images directory, but I could not recover this directory with testdisk. 1 2

Time to use extundelete as hinted by the challenge. I already knew the directory so I recovered it with the command: extundelete Shall_I_carve.img --restore-directory images

You could also just do everything if you did not know the directory you wanted extundelete Shall_I_carve.img --restore-all

These commands will recover the deleted images directory. This directory contains 10 .gz compressed files from 0-9. 4 Lets uncompress. for i in {0..9}; do gunzip $i.gz; done

This results in ten new files from 0 to 9 of an unknown type. Using file, you can see these are .rar files. 5 for i in {0..9}; do unrar e $i; done

Now you have .zip. for i in {0..9}; do unzip $; done

Then .lzma. for i in {0..9}; do unlzma $i.lzma; done Note: unlzma is equivalent to xz --format=lzma --decompress

Then .7z. for i in {0..9}; do 7z e $i; done

Then .xz. for i in {0..9}; do unxz $i.xz; done Note: unxz is equivalent to xz --decompress.

Then .bz2 for i in {0..9}; do bzip2 -d $i; done

Then .gzip. Notice, then using file this time it says: 0.out: gzip compressed data, was "0.tar", last modified: Fri Nov 30 12:31:52 2018, from Unix, original size 1048576

So we know the output was previous a .tar file. To make life easy, lets rename these files: for i in {0..9}; do do mv $i.out $i.tar.gz; done

for i in {0..9}; do gunzip -d $i.tar.gz; done

Using file, we see these .tar files are actually data. Lets look for the flag strings ./* | grep ACI

Flag: ACI{4f66aecdfd4aee0618edf490830}

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