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gci = git commit with diff


How to work

gci will get the diff of the changes has been staged in your repository, and save in a temporay file. Then gci try to open the temporay file with your editor. After you save the file again, gci run git commit, and use the first line of the file as your commit message.

Please note that, you can change editor by environment variable EDITOR: $ export EDITOR=vim

Quick Start


Install with git

$ git clone /path/to/
$ cd /path/to/ && make install

Install with curl

$ curl > /usr/local/bin/gci
$ chmod +x /usr/local/bin/gci

Make commit with gci

1. make changes in your repo
$ echo "Hello gci" >>
2. add them
$ git add
3. it's time to gci
$ gci
4. enter your commit message

Enter commit message according to the diff show below and then save and quit.

If you need to make more changes and don't want to commit, just keep the first line blank. gci will know you.


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