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Experimental utilities to console operators of consoles
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consolate (v.) late 15c., from Latin consolatus, past participle of consolari …; obsolete and replaced by console (v.).

console (v.) 1690s, from French consoler “to comfort, console,” from Latin consolari “offer solace, encourage, comfort, cheer”…




  • Experimental utilities to console operators of consoles.
  • A study in the design of terminal applications.
  • A study of Notty, the OCaml library for declarative terminal graphics.

The aim is to develop a deeply modular, declarative, extensible, suite for developing terminal tools.


The following features are in various stages of early development, and should be considered landmarks in a proving ground:

  • The Consolate_term module, providing the Loop functor, which is a general interface to the Notty terminal event loop for any module satisfying the Program interface.
  • The Composition functor, facilitating the composition of complex programs from simpler, independent components.
  • The Modal module, providing modules for creating modal programs (ala Vim/Spacemacs) on the basis of an existing program.
  • A simple line editor.
  • A simple text editor, implemented as a composer on the simple line editor.
  • A terminal application that treats JSON files as config files and facilitates structured, easy, safe editing of values without risk to the syntax or semantics of the configuration framework. In early development.

Planned architecture of a modal program



  • Robust, minimal utilities to console operators of consoles.
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