GBE+ is an experimental GBA emulator and the planned successor to the original GBE project.
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GB Enhanced+ is a DMG/GBC emulator focused on enhancements. It also serves as an experimental GBA emulator and is the successor to the original GB Enhanced project.


Free Open Source Software available under the GPLv2. See license.txt for full details


Game Boy Enhanced (GBE for short) aims to be a fully functional Game Boy emulator. The goal is to create a highly portable emulator using C++ and SDL, document the Game Boy's functions through clear code, and add as many enhancements (scaling filters, cheats, custom graphics) as reasonably possible.

Compiling GBE+

The only requirements at this moment are SDL 1.2, a C++ compiler, and CMake. Currently, building on Windows is fairly rough but still possible. The Qt build currently has only been tested with Qt4, but should compile and run with Qt5 with only minor alterations.