Gadget that lists available features in a gadget container (iGoogle, GMail, Wave, OpenSocial containers, ...)
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Gadget Feature Inspector

What is it?
Gadget used to inspect what gadget features are supported by a gadget container 
in which this gadget is run. This gadget also provides links to pages with additional
info (documentation and tutorials) about respective gadgets.

More information about gadgets in general you can find here:

OpenSocial containers are also gadget containers so any social networking site
supporting OpenSocial can also run this gadget.

Some of gadget containers in which you can run this gadget are: 
- MySpace, Orkut, LinkedIn, Ning, XING, etc.
- iGoogle
- Google Mail
- Google Wave

Additional OpenSocial containers can be found at:

Nenad V. Nikolic <>
Christopher Blum <>

Release notes

* Version 0.45

December 4, 2009

- Added simple Google Analytics tracking

* Version 0.44

December 1, 2009

- Adjusted/fixed some german translations
- Added author_link to gadget meta data
- Removed unneeded "external" css class

* Version 0.43

December 1, 2009

- Fixed l10n
- Added missing Serbian translations

* Version 0.42

November 30, 2009

- Gadget is localized to English (default), German, Spanish and Serbian
- Added affiliation
- Added default (English) screenshot
- Adjusted font-size, doc links are opened in a new window
- Gadget is now fully compliant with gadget specification
- Message extraction didn't work in this version

* Version 0.41

November 27, 2009

- Renamed gadget file to fig.xml

* Version 0.4

November 26, 2009

- Added Feature Documentation column for links to docs and tutorials for respective features
- Added table header
- Added atlassian-util feature
- We like short, catchy names so we've introduced one (FIG) and a corresponding gadget logo
- Code refactored

* Version 0.3

- Added check for and sharedmaps features.
- Adjusted html.
- Added info for unchecked features

* Version 0.2

ALPHA version, Please test.

* Version 0.1

November 11, 2009

The first and also a proof-of-concept version.

Originally, gadgets.util.hasFeature was intended to be used for querying features 
supported by the container. Unfortunately, gadgets.util.hasFeature is useless 
(until and including OpenSocial 0.9) since it only checks for features that are 
declared by gadget itself and not whether container supports a feature.

Because of this, whether a given gadget feature is supported or not is checked 
in custom way using callback methods.