Docker Images to build full cabot environment
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Docker Images to build full cabot environment.

Still Not Ready for Production


As Cabot contains several things inside (django, celery, redis, database, etc) and docker using assumes one container for one thing we need several images for Cabot.

I use maestro-ng to manage Docker containers.

To manage containers I suggest to use docker-compose.

Let's try

  • Install Docker on host where Docker containers will run (commonly it's ec2/Digital Ocean instances, virtual box/vmware vm's, etc).

  • Install docker-compose.

  • Clone the repository (git clone && cd cabot-docker)

  • Change the settings in cabot_env and link them to the correct API's. You can find more information on the official Wiki at

  • Run docker-compose up -d

Command docker-compose ps should return something like:

           Name                          Command               State                    Ports
cabotdocker_app_1             /bin/sh -c . /cabot/migrat ...   Up>5000/tcp
cabotdocker_celery_broker_1   / redis-server      Up>6379/tcp
cabotdocker_db_1              /usr/local/bin/run               Up>5432/tcp
cabotdocker_nginx_1           nginx -g daemon off;             Up      443/tcp, 80/tcp,>8080/tcp

Cabot web UI should be available at http://_host_with_docker_:8080/.

if you use docker-machine, command docker-machine ip default shows ip for default host.

Default username/password: docker/docker. You can add new users using Django admin interface.

To complete the work you also need to rewrite variables in cabot_env file.