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Open Source Multi-Tenant Ecommerce platform for B2B and SaaS solutions.
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.gitignore Release 0.25.0 Aug 4, 2018 - Open Source Ecommerce Platform

Shopbay is an open source multi-tenant e-commerce platform designed for B2B and SaaS solutions. It is built using Yii Framework and popular LAMP stack, and compromises following architecture components:

  • shopbay-kernel - Common modules and libraries shared by Shopbay apps, e.g. shopbay-merchant etc.
  • shopbay-merchant - A web app for merchants to manage their shops and orders together with marketing tools.
  • shopbay-shop - A web app that hosts and serves all shop storefronts.
  • shopbay-shop-assets - Common shop assets and themes shared by shop storefronts.
  • shopbay-schema - System database design and schema.
  • shopbay-admin - A web app for administrator to manage customer, merchant webapss and also administrative / operational tasks.
  • shopbay-api - An API app to handle all backend api operations (note that this is an Yii 2 app).
  • shopbay-console - A command prompt Console app that contains all the operational commands.
  • shopbay-elasticsearch - An Elasticsearch wrapper to run elasticsearch.
  • shopbay-chatbot - Chatbot server to handle all external messaging app webhooks and other chatbot operations.


For license information, please view LICENSE file.

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