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Shopify Developer HandBook

Originally authored by Dave Lazar and edited by Stacey Hsu, Edward Ocampo-Gooding, and Blair Beckwith.

This book is here to give you the Shopify Platform Developer a leg up in your new (or old) adventure.


These steps assume you have a working installation of Ruby, bundler, git, and a C/C++ compiler like gcc.

  1. Install bundled dependencies:

    $ bundle install

  2. Install the trial version of Prince, an HTML to PDF generator. Check the Prince download page for the version for your operating system. Installation for OS X looks like this:

    $ curl --remote-name

    $ tar zxvf prince-8.0-macosx.tar.gz

    $ prince-8.0-macosx/

  3. Clean up the install:

    $ rm -rf prince-8.0-macosx prince-8.0-macosx.tar.gz


Build the book by running:

$ ./build

Results of the build are found in output/, like output/Shopify-Developer-Book.pdf


You can change the overall look of the book by altering templates/html/sass/screen.sass and other files in templates/html/sass/, and rebuilding the book.


Send a pull request on GitHub.


Shopify Developer HandBook by Shopify is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. Read more about the license at