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A repository for all open source tokenizers and filters from shopping24.

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This analyzer will filter sentences from text in a efficient way that contains a lot (defined by a threshold) of stopwords. Could be used as a filter for SEO-text from product descriptions.

Example usage in your field types after you put the jar (solr-analyzers-<VERSION>-jar-with-dependencies.jar) into your solr lib dir:

 <!-- Use the sentence tokenizer, which removes "noise" sentences and keeps only "signal" -->
 <tokenizer class=""
            filter="true" />


  • stopwordfile (required): List of stopwords.
  • filter: Set to true if the sentences should be filtered out.
  • commaWordThreshold: Threshold that defines the "comma density" that, if exceeded, causes a sentence to be split into sub-sentences that are analyzed individually.
  • maxStopwordRatio: Ratio of stopwords exceeds this threshold, the sentence is filtered out.
  • minSentenceLength: Sentence must contain at least this many words, otherwise it is not analyzed and always emitted.

Building the project

This should install the current version into your local repository

$ mvn clean install

Releasing the project to maven central

Define new versions

$ export NEXT_VERSION=<version>

Then execute the release chain

$ mvn org.codehaus.mojo:versions-maven-plugin:2.0:set -DgenerateBackupPoms=false -DnewVersion=$NEXT_VERSION
$ git commit -a -m "pushes to release version $NEXT_VERSION"
$ mvn -P release

Wait for the release to be accepted. Then increment to next development version:

$ git tag -a v$NEXT_VERSION -m "`curl -s`"
$ mvn org.codehaus.mojo:versions-maven-plugin:2.0:set -DgenerateBackupPoms=false -DnewVersion=$NEXT_DEVELOPMENT_VERSION
$ git commit -a -m "pushes to development version $NEXT_DEVELOPMENT_VERSION"
$ git push origin tag v$NEXT_VERSION && git push origin

Some link regarding Maven central deployment:


This project is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.