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  1. shopsys Public

    Main repository for maintaining Shopsys Framework packages. Open for ISSUES and PULL REQUESTS.

    PHP 300 88

  2. [READ-ONLY] Full-featured basis for your e-commerce project on Shopsys Framework

    PHP 34 11

  3. framework Public

    [READ-ONLY] Core of Shopsys Framework - open source framework for building large, scalable, fast-growing e-commerce projects based on Symfony

    PHP 21 3

  4. [READ-ONLY] Simple HTTP smoke testing for your Symfony application

    PHP 65 10

  5. [READ-ONLY] Tools for automated checks of coding standards in PHP projects. Predefined rulesets included.

    PHP 19 9

  6. [READ-ONLY] Tools for building and splitting monolithic repository from existing packages (with their history unchanged). This package is used for splitting our monorepo and we share it with our co…

    Shell 618 60


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