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  1. Main repository for maintaining Shopsys Framework packages. Open for ISSUES and PULL REQUESTS.

    PHP 250 74

  2. [READ-ONLY] Full-featured basis for your e-commerce project on Shopsys Framework

    PHP 22 5

  3. [READ-ONLY] Core of Shopsys Framework - open source framework for building large, scalable, fast-growing e-commerce projects based on Symfony

    PHP 19 1

  4. [READ-ONLY] Tools for building and splitting monolithic repository from existing packages (with their history unchanged)

    Shell 429 33

  5. [READ-ONLY] Simple HTTP smoke testing for your Symfony application

    PHP 63 7

  6. [READ-ONLY] Tools for automated checks of coding standards in PHP projects. Predefined rulesets included.

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