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Shopware Development Documentation


This site is generated with Sculpin, a PHP based static site generator.

First you have to install Sculpin and run the installation command in the project directory. This can be done via the shell script in the project root.


This will download Sculpin and install the required dependencies.

Running the website locally


This will start a local webserver at http://localhost:8000/. You can use a different port like so:

./ 8001

Automatic Plugin Packaging

Foreach Plugin in the exampleplugins directory a corresponding ZIP package will be created that can be installed via the shopware plugin manager. It is important to put the plugin into the proper Frontend/Backend/Core subdirectory.


exampleplugins/Frontend/SwagSloganOfTheDay/ will result in exampleplugins/ in the generated output directory. Please note that the subdirectory is not part of the resulting directory/filename.

Table of contents in your Markdown documents

You have the ability to generate a table of content list for your document. Simply place the following code into your document and a table of contents will appear there magically:

<div class="toc-list"></div>

If you want, you can customize the behavior of the toc list as well. You can define the text of the headline using the attribute data-headline and you can define the max depth of headlines you want to include into the list with the attribute data-depth:

<div class="toc-list" data-depth="1" data-headline="Awesome table of contents"></div>

Hiding blog posts from search engines

To add a <meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow" /> to your blog post, you have to add the following frontmatter entry to your blog post:

    hide: true

Version History

To create a version history table, you simply have to add a history array to your metadata.


layout: default
indexed: true
  2015-11-16: creation
  2015-11-23: added frontend documentation
  2016-01-01: documented millenium bug

Algolia Search Configuration

The search is powered by Algolia. Configuration is done via kernel Parameters in app/config/sculpin_kernel.yml:

# app/config/sculpin_kernel.yml
  application_id: 'MYAPPLICATION'
  index_name:     'developers.shopware.com_prod'

The API Key should be provided via the environment variable SYMFONY__ALGOLIA_API_KEY. To enable the search, the environment variable SYMFONY__ALGOLIA_ENABLED also must exist.


These variables are automatically exported during the Travis-CI build for every merge/commit on the master branch.

CSS helper classes

We added a bunch of CSS helper classes which should help you to build simple layouts.

Warning box

<div class="alert alert-warning">
This is a warning

Centering of content

<div class="center">


<div class="is--center">

Floating images

<div class="is-float-left">
    <img src="sample.png" alt="Sample image" />
<div class="is-float-right">
    <img src="sample.png" alt="Sample image" />