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Shopware is available under MIT license. If you want to contribute code (features or bugfixes), you have to create a pull request and include valid license information. Contribute your code under MIT license.

If you want more details about available licensing or the contribution agreements we offer, you can contact us at

Contributing to the Shopware code base

If you want to learn how to contribute code to Shopware, please refer to Contributing Code. Also make sure that you add a changelog file which describes your changes in a meaningful way. For more information refer to this document.


Developer documentation for Shopware is available here. You can also contribute to the documentation by submitting your pull requests to this repository. You will find the sources under src/Docs


Shopware translations are done by the community and can be installed from the plugin store. If you wish to improve Shopware's translations, you can do so in our Crowdin project page.