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Shopware 6 is an open commerce platform based on Symfony Framework and Vue and supported by a worldwide community and more than 1.500 community extensions


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Modern open source e-Commerce


Shopware 6 is an open headless commerce platform powered by Symfony 7 and Vue.js 3 that is used by thousands of shops and supported by a huge, worldwide community of developers, agencies and merchants.

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Table of contents

Project overview

To discover the features of Shopware and what sets us apart from other e-commerce systems, take the feature tour on the Shopware home page.

From a developer's perspective, here are some highlights that make Shopware easy and fun to work with:

Platform and Framework

Shopware itself is based mainly on Symfony and VueJS. It is a fully functional e-commerce platform, but it is also an e-commerce framework.

Shopware is:


Extending Shopware

There are already a lot of extensions available in the Shopware store.

After setting up Shopware locally for development, you can start with our extension guides in the documentation.

The preferred way of extending Shopware is through the App System. If the feature you want to implement needs direct access to the Shopware process and the database, you can also use the plugin system.
You can find an overview and differentiation in the documentation.

Production setup

The easiest way to run a Shopware shop is booking a commercial plan in the Shopware cloud, a fully managed setup, ready to use.

The recommended way for on-premise shops is installing Shopware through the flex template. To unlock the full potential Shopware has to offer, commercial plans are also available for on-premise.
These plans enrich your shop with unique functionality, giving you an additional advantage over your competition.

There is a list of hosting partners, who offer a pre-installed shop, making your start a lot faster.

We also provide a web-based installer, the documentation walks you through the necessary steps.

Code Contribution

If you have decided to contribute code to Shopware and become a member of the Shopware community, we appreciate your hard work and want to handle it with the most possible respect. To ensure the quality of our code and our products we have created a guideline we all should endorse to. It helps you and us to collaborate. Following these guidelines will help us to integrate your changes in our daily workflow.

Read more in our contribution guideline or in our short HowTo contribute code.

Contribution setup

There are multiple ways to get an installation running, the way with the fewest steps involved is using the contribute image from dockware, a community maintained docker setup by the Shopware agency dasistweb. More on this in the documentation.

The Shopware CLA

When submitting your code to Shopware you automatically need to sign our CLA (Contributor License Agreement). This CLA ensures that Shopware will stay an open and living product. In short, you give the explicit right to use your code in Shopware to shopware AG.

Authors & Contributors

Shopware is built with the help of our community.

You can find an overview of everyone who contributed to the platform repository in the official github overview. Additionally there are numerous people contributing to the ecosystem through activities not related to the codebase. Thank you all for being part of this!


Shopware 6 is completely free and released under the MIT License.

Bugs & Feedback

No software is perfect, Shopware is no exception. Should you spot a bug, please report it in our issue tracker.

If you want to suggest features or how certain parts of Shopware 6 work, we'd be happy to hear from you.

Reporting security issues

Please have a look at our security policy.