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Amazon S3 Adapter for Shopware

The Amazon S3 adapter allows you to manage your media files in shopware on an Amazon S3 account. In addition, you can use Amazon CloudFront for delivering your files.

Building a package

Just run ./


Download the plugin from the release page and enable it in shopware.


Update your config.php in your root directory and fill in your own values:

'cdn' => [
    'backend' => 's3',
    'adapters' => [
        's3' => [
            'type' => 's3',
            'mediaUrl' => 'YOUR_S3_OR_CLOUDFRONT_ENDPOINT',
            'key' => 'YOUR_AWS_KEY',
            'secret' => 'YOUR_AWS_SECRET',
            'region' => 'YOUR_S3_REGION',
            'bucket' => 'YOUR_S3_BUCKET_NAME',
            'prefix' => ''

Using IAM roles in EC2

To make use of your configured IAM roles, omit the array keys key and secret or leave them empty. The plugin will retrieve the credentials from the EC2 metadata service automatically.

Value explanation

type (required)
Adapter type. Do not change.
mediaUrl (required)

URL to access your media files. Usually your S3, CloudFront or custom domain endpoint


region (required)
The S3 region, e.g. eu-central-1
bucket (required)
Your S3 bucket name
Your Access Key ID
Your Secret Access Key
An optional path prefix for your media files
Sets the S3 endpoint specifically (e.g. non-AWS S3)
Allows setting options per file specific to Flysystem S3 Adapter


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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