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A smarter client-side with ClojureScript : Shoreleave's enhanced browser utilities
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A smarter client-side in ClojureScript

Shoreleave is a collection of integrated libraries that focuses on:

  • Security
  • Idiomatic interfaces
  • Common client-side strategies
  • HTML5 capabilities
  • ClojureScript's advantages

It builds upon efforts found in other ClojureScript projects, such as Fetch and ClojureScript:One.

Shoreleave-browser Overview

The browser namespace offers idiomated interfaces to client-side facilities:

  • Cookies
  • History (including HTML5 History API)
  • Storage (Closure, Session Storage, and Local Storage)
  • Blob, BlobBuilder and blobbing functions

Please see the Marginalia docs for more information.

Plays well with others

Shoreleave makes no assumptions about other libraries you might be using in your app.

I have found it to pair particularly well with Enfocus

Examples and usage

Please the github wiki for examples of each library feature


Copyright © 2012 Paul deGrandis

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure. Please see the LICENSE_epl.html for details.

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