A smarter client-side with ClojureScript : Shoreleave's publish/subscribe system
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A smarter client-side in ClojureScript

###Shoreleave is a collection of integrated libraries that focuses on:

  • Security
  • Idiomatic interfaces
  • Common client-side strategies
  • HTML5 capabilities
  • ClojureScript's advantages

It builds upon efforts found in other ClojureScript projects, such as Fetch and ClojureScript:One.

Shoreleave-pubsub Overview

The pubsubs namespace defines two protocols: one for specificing buses and one for "publishables"

An implementation is provide on the Google Closure pubsub system that allows for:

  • Using a function as a topic (something you can subscribe to)
  • Using an atom as a topic
  • Using an embedded web worker as a topic
  • Local storage as a topic
  • Using keywords and strings as topics (standard Closure pubsub style)

The pubsub system enables you to keep your system completely decoupled and frees you from having to liter state or DOM logic within functions. New functionality can be implemented by combining existing functions (treated like services). Cross-cutting functionality (like logging) can be looped in anywhere.

Instead, you declaratively bind pure-functions to side-effecting functions via subscriptions, or atoms to pure-functions. Entry-points into the pubsub system can be DOM listeners, like those found in Enfocus (and potential exits can be DOM actions).

This gives you the heart of Reactive JavaScript (RxJS), without the additional verbs (both a benefit and a tradeoff).

Please see the Marginalia docs for more information.

Plays well with others

Shoreleave makes no assumptions about other libraries you might be using in your app.

I have found it to pair particularly well with Enfocus

Examples and usage

Please the github wiki for examples of each library feature


Copyright © 2012 Paul deGrandis

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure. Please see the LICENSE_epl.html for details.