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Script en python que sirve para mapear, y descargar un sitio web
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This is a python module to speed up and simplify the web scraping, it can be used to map a web site or to extrack all the information it's filters can get

#Quick start

This is one way you can use it

from scrapthor import scrap

url = ''  # The url to scrap
speed = 3  # The speed of asyncio (lower = more ssecure for crash) 6 <= hight speed
debug = True  # Debug the operations
debug_file = 'my_debug.txt'  # Out put of the debug, None for print
parameters = {'formato': ['html', 'css']}  # Parameters for the filter, in this case only download if the file format == .html
deep = 2  # The max deep of the scraping
download_files = True  # Download files found, if the return of the filter funtion is download, and this is == True,
#  the scrap funtion is going to donwload the file
scrap(url, velocidad=speed, debug=debug, debug_file=debug_file, parametros=parameters, profundidad=deep,


##You need to install

python 3.7.1
pip3 install beautifulsoup4 aiohttp


git clone <clone_url>
cd web_scrap & python3 install

Also you can copy the scrapthor folder to your site-packages

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