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ShortPixel SDK and API client for PHP

PHP client for the ShortPixel API, used for ShortPixel ShortPixel optimizes your images and improves website performance by reducing images size. Read more at


Go to the documentation for the PHP client.


Install the API client with Composer. Add this to your composer.json:

  "require": {
    "shortpixel/shortpixel-php": "*"

Then install with:

composer install

Use autoloading to make the client available in PHP:


Alternatively, if you don't use Composer, add the following require to your PHP code:


Get your API Key from


// Set up the API Key. 

// Compress with default settings
// Compress with default settings but specifying a different file name
ShortPixel\fromUrls("")->toFiles("/path/to/save/to", "optimized.png");

// Compress with default settings from a local file
// Compress with default settings from several local files
ShortPixel\fromFiles(array("/path/to/your/local/unoptimized1.png", "/path/to/your/local/unoptimized2.png"))->toFiles("/path/to/save/to");
//Compres and rename each file
\ShortPixel\fromFiles(array("/path/to/your/local/unoptimized1.png", "/path/to/your/local/unoptimized2.png"))->toFiles("/path/to/save/to", ['renamed-one.png', 'renamed-two.png']);

// Compress with a specific compression level: 0 - lossless, 1 - lossy (default), 2 - glossy

// Compress and resize - image is resized to have the either width equal to specified or height equal to specified 
//   but not LESS (with settings below, a 300x200 image will be resized to 150x100)
ShortPixel\fromUrls("")->resize(100, 100)->toFiles("/path/to/save/to");
// Compress and resize - have the either width equal to specified or height equal to specified 
//   but not MORE (with settings below, a 300x200 image will be resized to 100x66)
ShortPixel\fromUrls("")->resize(100, 100, true)->toFiles("/path/to/save/to");

// Keep the exif when compressing

// Also generate and save a WebP version of the file - the WebP file will be saved next to the optimized file, with  same basename and .webp extension

//Compress from a folder - the status of the compressed images is saved in a text file named .shortpixel in each image folder
\ShortPixel\ShortPixel::setOptions(array("persist_type" => "text"));
//Each call will optimize up to 10 images from the specified folder and mark in the .shortpixel file. 
//It automatically recurses a subfolder when finds it
//Save to the same folder, set wait time to 300 to allow enough time for the images to be processed
$ret = ShortPixel\fromFolder("/path/to/your/local/folder")->wait(300)->toFiles("/path/to/your/local/folder");
//Save to a different folder. CURRENT LIMITATION: When using the text persist type and saving to a different folder, you also need to specify the destination folder as the fourth parameter to fromFolder ( it indicates where the persistence files should be created)
$ret = ShortPixel\fromFolder("/path/to/your/local/folder", 0, array(), "/different/path/to/save/to")->wait(300)->toFiles("/different/path/to/save/to");
//use a URL to map the folder to a WEB path in order for our servers to download themselves the images instead of receiving them via POST - faster and less exposed to connection timeouts
$ret = ShortPixel\fromWebFolder("/path/to/your/local/folder", "http://web.path/to/your/local/folder")->wait(300)->toFiles("/path/to/save/to");
//let ShortPixel back-up all your files, before overwriting them (third parameter of toFiles).
$ret = ShortPixel\fromFolder("/path/to/your/local/folder")->wait(300)->toFiles("/path/to/save/to", null, "/back-up/path");
//Recurse only $N levels down into the subfolders of the folder ( N == 0 means do not recurse )
$ret = ShortPixel\fromFolder("/path/to/your/local/folder", 0, array(), false, ShortPixel::CLIENT_MAX_BODY_SIZE, $N)->wait(300)->toFiles("/path/to/save/to");

//Set custom cURL options (proxy)
\ShortPixel\setCurlOptions(array(CURLOPT_PROXY => '', CURLOPT_REFERER => ''));

//A simple loop to optimize all images from a folder
\ShortPixel\ShortPixel::setOptions(array("persist_type" => "text"));
$stop = false;
while(!$stop) {
    $ret = ShortPixel\fromFolder("/path/to/your/local/folder")->wait(300)->toFiles("/path/to/save/to");
    if(count($ret->succeeded) + count($ret->failed) + count($ret->same) + count($ret->pending) == 0) {
        $stop = true;

//Compress from an image in memory
$myImage = file_get_contents($pathTo_shortpixel.png);
$ret = \ShortPixel\fromBuffer('shortpixel.png', $myImage)->wait(300)->toFiles(self::$tempDir);

//Compress to an image in memory
$ret = \ShortPixel\fromFiles(array("/path/to/your/local/unoptimized1.png", "/path/to/your/local/unoptimized2.png"))->wait(300)->toBuffers();
file_put_contents($pathTo_optimized1.png, $ret->succeeded[0]->Buffer); //the optimized image in memory

//Get account status and credits info:
$ret = \ShortPixel\ShortPixel::getClient()->apiStatus(YOUR_API_KEY);

There are more code examples in the examples/integration.php file.

Alternatively, you might want to add the call to a cron job using the cmdShortPixelOptimizer.php script found in lib/. More details about its usage here: ShortPixel CLI

Running tests

composer install

Integration tests

Currently the integration tests were taken out in a separate project, at github's request (contained more than 200Mb test images). If you want to run the integration tests by yourself, please contact us and will provide the integration tests.

composer install
SHORTPIXEL_KEY=$YOUR_API_KEY vendor/bin/phpunit --no-configuration test/integration.php


This software is licensed under the MIT License. View the license.