Easily make an acts_as_list list sortable with jQuery UI. It's also unobtrusive, so it'll work without Javascript.
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Unobtrusively Sortable

Create sortable lists in Rails with minimal configuration. The lists will be sortable with javascript disabled. jQuery awesomeness will be applied if javascript is enabled.

The plugin assumes that you are using the newest version of acts_as_list (TODO: Insert more about commit SHA and what not when the patch has been accepted. http://rails.lighthouseapp.com/projects/8995/tickets/55-storing-the-configuration-options-in-acts_as_list)

The plugin also assumes you are using jQuery and jQuery UI. Your jQuery UI must have the "sortable" package.

Usage and installation

* Install the plugin
* Run `rake unobtrusively_sortable:copy_javascripts`
* In routes.rb, do something like this:

   map.resources :posts, :collection => {:sort => :post}
* In the controller, do something like this:

   class PostsController < ApplicationController
     sorts Post

* Then finally, in a view, use the `unobtrusively_sortable_list` helper to render your awesome unobtrusive sortable list. Do something like this:

   <%= unobtrusively_sortable_list(@posts) {|p| p.title } %>

Advanced usage

You can specify an :url option to the `unobtrusively_sortable_list` helper if you need to use another URL than the assumed default URL. This is useful for namespaces and nested resources.

Copyright (c) 2009 August Lilleaas, released under the MIT license