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README for perl-support.vim (Version 4.4) / July 2 2009
Perl Support implements a Perl-IDE for Vim/gVim. It has been written to
considerably speed up writing code in a consistent style. This is done by
inserting complete statements, comments, idioms, code snippets, templates, and
POD documentation. Reading perldoc is integrated. Syntax checking, running a
script, running perltidy, running perlcritics, starting a debugger and a
profiler can be done with a keystroke. There are many additional hints and
options which can improve speed and comfort when writing Perl. Please read the
This plugin can be used with Vim version 7.x . Most features should work with
Vim version 6.x.
The subdirectories in the zip archive mirror the directory
structure which is needed below the local installation directory $HOME/.vim/
for LINUX/UNIX ($VIM/vimfiles/ for Windows; find the value of $VIM with
":echo $VIM" from inside Vim).
(0) Save the template files in '$HOME/.vim/perl-support/templates/Templates' if
you have changed any of them.
(1) Copy the zip archive to $HOME/.vim and run
If you have already an older version of perl-support and you have modified
the template files you may want to save your templates first or copy the
files from the archive by hand.
(2) Loading of plugin files must be enabled. If not use
:filetype plugin on
This is the minimal content of the file '$HOME/.vimrc'. Create one if there
is none.
(3) Set at least some personal details into perl-support/templates/Templates
by overriding the defaults. Here the minimal personalization (my settings
as an example, of course):
|AUTHOR| = Dr. Fritz Mehner
|COMPANY| = FH Südwestfalen, Iserlohn
|COPYRIGHT| = Copyright (c) |YEAR|, |AUTHOR|
Please read the documentation to fully understand the template system.
(4) Consider additional settings in the file '$HOME/.vimrc'.
The files customization.vimrc and customization.gvimrc are replacements or
extensions for your .vimrc and .gvimrc ( _vimrc and _gvimrc under Windows).
You may want to use parts of them. The files are documented.
There are a lot of features and options which can be used and influenced:
* use of template files and tags
* using and managing personal code snippets
* Perl dictionary for keyword completion
* the Perl module list
* reading Perl documentation with integrated calls to perldoc
* removing the root menu
* using additional plugins
Restart gVim/Vim generate the help tags
:helptags ~/.vim/doc
and look at the perlsupport help with
:help perlsupport
| +-------------------------------------------+ |
| | Actions differ for different modes! | |
| +-------------------------------------------+ |
Any problems ? See the TROUBLESHOOTING section at the end of the help file
For a system-wide installation please see the help file 'doc/perlsupport.txt'.
- Hotkeys are shown in the menus.
- Four hotkeys renamed.
- Hardcopy (run menu) can print any buffer.
- Bugfix (Windows only): syntax check for files with pathnames containing
blanks not working.
- Minor improvements.
OLDER RELEASE NOTES : see file 'ChangeLog'
README.perlsupport This file.
autoload/perlsupportgui.vim Menu definitions.
autoload/perlsupportprofiling.vim Profiler support.
autoload/perlsupportregex.vim Regex analyser code.
doc/perlsupport.txt The help file for the local online help.
ftplugin/perl.vim A filetype plugin. Define hotkeys, create a local
dictionary for each Perl file.
plugin/perl-support.vim The Perl plugin for Vim/gVim.
perl-support/codesnippets-perl/* Some Perl code snippets as a starting point.
perl-support/modules/ Directory for the list of installed Perl modules
perl-support/scripts/ Perl script; Reformats the error messages of the Perl interpreter
perl-support/scripts/ Perl script; generates a list of all installed Perl modules
perl-support/scripts/ The wrapper script for the use of an xterm.
perl-support/templates/Templates Perl main template file
perl-support/templates/comments.template template file for comments
perl-support/templates/idioms.template template file for idioms
perl-support/templates/pod.template template file for pod statements
perl-support/templates/statements.template template file for statements
perl-support/wordlists/perl.list A file used as dictionary for automatic word completion.
This file is referenced in the file customization.vimrc.
----------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------
----------------------- The following files and extensions are for convenience only.
perl-support.vim will work without them.
perl-support/rc/customization.ctags Additional settings I use in .ctags to enable
navigation through POD with the plugin taglist.vim.
perl-support/rc/customization.gvimrc Additional settings I use in .gvimrc:
hot keys, mouse settings, ...
The file is commented. Append it to your .gvimrc
if you like.
perl-support/rc/customization.perltidyrc Additional settings I use in .perltidyrc to
customize perltidy.
perl-support/rc/customization.smallprof Additional settings I use to control the profiler
perl-support/rc/customization.vimrc Additional settings I use in .vimrc: incremental search,
tabstop, hot keys, font, use of dictionaries, ...
The file is commented. Append it to your .vimrc if you like.
perl-support/doc/perl-hot-keys.pdf Reference card for the key mappings.
The mappings can also be used with the non-GUI Vim,
where the menus are not available.
perl-support/doc/pmdesc3.text The man page for pmdesc3.
perl-support/doc/ChangeLog The change log.
(1) You may want to use a central hidden directory for all your backup files (see also
rc/customization.vimrc ):
1.1 Add the following line to .vimrc (see also rc/customization.vimrc ):
set backupdir =$HOME/.vim.backupdir
1.2 Create $HOME/.vim.backupdir .
1.3 Add the following line to your shell initialization file ~/.profile :
find $HOME/.vim.backupdir/ -name "*" -type f -mtime +60 -exec rm -f {} \;
When you are logging in all files in the backup directory older then 60
days (-mtime +60) will be removed (60 days is a suggestion, of course).
Be shure to backup in shorter terms !
(2) gVim. Toggle 'insert mode' <--> 'normal mode' with the right mouse button
(see mapping in file customization.gvimrc).
(3) gVim. Use tear off menus.
(4) Try 'Focus under mouse' as window behavior (No mouse click when the mouse
pointer is back from the menu entry).
(5) Use Emulate3Buttons "on" (X11) even for a 3-button mouse. Pressing left and
right button simultaneously without moving your fingers is faster than
moving a finger to the middle button (which is often a wheel).
David Fishburn <> for the implementation of the
single root menu and several suggestions for improving the customization
and the documentation.
Ryan Hennig <> improved the install script.
Aristotle, is the author of the script pmdesc2
which is the base of the included script pmdesc3.
David Fishburn contributed changes for the Windows platform and suggested to not let
enter snippets and templates the list of alternate files.
The two files and are taken from
Damian Conway's book "Perl Best Practices".
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