The old default Toolkit project configuration - now replaced by tk-config-default2.
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The Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit Standard Project Configuration

Welcome to the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit Standard config! It provides a
starting point for experimentation and testing and will help you discover
how everything works!

Once you have installed the standard config for a project, you need to
do a quick configuration pass to make sure the config will work
with your system. The main item to configure are the paths to the
various executables, such as Maya and Nuke. These configuration
options can be found in your newly created project:

- First navigate to the new project's configuration root folder.
- Now navigate to the config/env/includes folder.
- Open the paths.yml file and edit the settings.

Once things are set up, go to Shotgun:

1. Select some shots, right click and select Create Folders
3. Right click on a task for one of the shots and try launching Maya/Nuke
4. Once Maya or Nuke is launched, you should see a Shotgun menu appear

For more information, go to the following url: