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# Copyright (c) 2015 Shotgun Software Inc.
# This work is provided "AS IS" and subject to the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit
# Source Code License included in this distribution package. See LICENSE.
# By accessing, using, copying or modifying this work you indicate your
# agreement to the Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit Source Code License. All rights
# not expressly granted therein are reserved by Shotgun Software Inc.
import os
import sgtk
from sgtk import Hook
class FilterPublishes(Hook):
Hook that can be used to filter the list of publishes returned from Shotgun for the current
def execute(self, publishes, **kwargs):
Main hook entry point
:param publishes: List of dictionaries
A list of dictionaries for the current location within the app. Each
item in the list is a Dictionary of the form:
"sg_publish" : {Shotgun entity dictionary for a Published File entity}
:return List: The filtered list of dictionaries of the same form as the input 'publishes'
app = self.parent
# the default implementation just returns the unfiltered list:
return publishes