Shotstack Ruby demos - Edit videos in the cloud with Ruby and the Shotstack Video Editing API
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Shotstack Ruby Examples

  • text.rb - Create a HELLO WORLD video title against black background with a zoom in motion effect and soundtrack.

  • images.rb - Takes an array of image URLs and creates a video with a soundtrack and simple zoom in effect.

  • titles.rb - Create a video to demo titles using the available preset font styles, a soundtrack, zoom in motion effect and wipe right transition.

  • filters.rb - Applies filters to a video clip, including a title with the name of the filter and a soundtrack.

  • status.rb - Shows the status of a render task and the output video URL. Run this after running one of the render examples.


Install the required gems including the Shotstack SDK


Set your API key

export SHOTSTACK_KEY=your_key_here

Run an example

The examples directory includes a number of examples demonstrating the capabilities of the Shotstack API.

To run the images example:

ruby examples/titles.rb