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Simple scanner for data streams like STDIN in Swift
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Input Stream Scanner

A simple scanner for any kind of file input streams with arbitrary delimiters. Made with Swift, based on NSScanner.

Originally appeared as a necessity to parse the standard input for competitive programming challenges on HackerRank.


For competitive programming

Copy-paste the contents of this tiny sample and enjoy. For more general use cases check out the full version of StreamScanner.swift and see the usage and examples sections below.

As a framework

Compile, link against and don't forget to:

import StreamScanner

As a built-in class

Add StreamScanner.swift file to your project.


For convenience you can declare:

let stdin = StreamScanner.standardInput

and use stdin later on. Spaces and new lines are considered delimiters by default.

Or make your custom stream with:

let stream = StreamScanner(source: FileHandle(forReadingAtPath: "/path/to/file"),
                           delimiters: CharacterSet(charactersIn: "-.:\n"))

Now call read() -> Optional<T> to get the next value from a stream, where T is a type of a variable where you want to read() the stream.

You may call ready() -> Bool to check whether the stream currently contains any data it can parse. Note: the stream may try to grab some data from its source during this check.


Imagine there's a file at /path/to/file with the following contents:

42.times show:not_a_double

And here's one of the ways to scan it with the stream just declared above:

var number: Int?    = //parse an integer at the current position in the stream
var string: String? = //now skip a delimiting dot and parse a string
var double: Double? = //now skip a delimiting colon and try to parse a double

print("\(number) \(string) \(double)")  //Optional(42) Optional("times show") nil

More Examples

Read some arbitrary values of different types from the standard input

    let int:    Int     =,
    let string: String  =,
    let double: Double  =,
    let int64:  Int64   =,
    let float:  Float   =
    print("\(int) \(string) \(double) \(int64) \(float)")


+42 st_ring!
-0.987654321 12345678900


42 st_ring! -0.987654321 12345678900 0.42

Read an array of Int64 of an arbitrary size from the standard input

if var count: Int =
    var array: [Int64] = []

    for _ in 0..<count
        if let integer: Int64 =



1234567890123456789 987654321098765432


[1234567890123456789, 987654321098765432]

Read some strings from the stream in a for loop until it's empty

for name in stdin
    print("Hello, \(name)!")


Chris Ally Joshua


Hello, Chris!
Hello, Ally!
Hello, Joshua!

Read and present the contents of /etc/passwd file

if let input = FileHandle(forReadingAtPath: "/etc/passwd")
    let scanner = StreamScanner(source: input, delimiters: CharacterSet(charactersIn: ":\n"))

    print("User Database:")

    while let line: String =
        //skip any comments
        if !line.hasPrefix("#")
            let username = line

                let valid:    String  =,
                let userId:   Int     =,
                let groupId:  Int     =,
                let gecos:    String  =,
                let home:     String  =,
                let shell:    String  =
                print("User: \t\(username) (\(gecos))")
                print("UID:  \t\(userId)")
                print("GID:  \t\(groupId)")
                print("Home: \t\(home)")


User Database:
User: 	nobody (Unprivileged User)
UID:  	-2
GID:  	-2
Home: 	/var/empty
Shell:	/usr/bin/false
User: 	root (System Administrator)
UID:  	0
GID:  	0
Home: 	/var/root
Shell:	/bin/sh
User: 	daemon (System Services)
UID:  	1
GID:  	1
Home: 	/var/root
Shell:	/usr/bin/false


This toy is free and open.

Creative Commons

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