Documents storage and processing : handle processing with attached behaviours (thumbs, preview, ...) and storage via many pluggable backends (mongodb, mogileFS, direct to filesystem, etc...)
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What is storeIt ?

storeIt aims to be two things :
- an Asset Document Manager (ADM)
- a Content Delivery Network (CDN) backend

storeIt ADM specificities :
- buckets to ease assets organisation
- Attachable behaviors : generate derivated documents from your master Asset (as many thumbs in many sizes you want, pdf,doc preview, video preview, music preview, ...)
- RESTfull interface (bucket & behavior driven)
- Multiple storage backend support (File system, mongoDB, mogileFS, S3, ... and counting)

storeIt CDN backend specificities :
- send rigth HTTP headers to ease data caching by frontend reverse proxies and CDN systems