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Glacier is a flat, colorful theme/scheme combo for Sublime Text.
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Honiix and joeyfigaro Convert to sublime color scheme (#44)
* Add syntax test files to test color scheme

* Add text file with rgb to hsl colors conversions with name of each color

* Begin color palette with Gravit Designer and renaming colors with this logic: lighter variants start at 1 and each increment is darker.

* Fix color name mismatch between color-conversion file and theme

* Simplify colors, now grouped by pair and remove unused or too similar colors

* Save gravit file

* Convert color scheme to new format (json)

* gitignore syntax-test files. They can be found in sublime text defaults packages.

* Add many scope introduced when Sublime Merge came out.

* Import old markdown scopes in main color scheme, need more work

* Add all general scopes available in sublime text

* Add colors for Json, key in blue, values in yellow and forced punctuations as white

* Json doesn't allow trailing comma :(

* Typo in Grey-light-2

* Add specifics scopes for Python and Yaml

* Add Hashed Syntax Highlighting for json keys

* Keywords like "function" or "def" before function declaration are now in green and italic instead of orange-red and bold.

* Markup Hr in bold, heading in orange-red (text part, before only the punction was colored) and background of code block with darker tone.

* gitignore fix to remove syntax_test files

* Remove trailing comma and change one missing color

* Remove bold from keyword and keyword.control

* Add anaconda linting outline and underline colours

* Fix color detection (--redish) not working for phantom and popups because I was prefixing with green. Closes Honiix/glacier-theme#1

* Add color to xml and yaml keys + minor fix in rule order for js

* Use alpha for light_highlight to avoid masking the color of invalid lines

* Redone colors for better contrast, especially blacks and orange-red vs pink. Added Purple. Removed black-1 -> use blue-dark-2 instead. Rename light to bright.

* Restore original color scheme as glacier-legacy

* Change json list from green to orange

* De-specialization Python, it was a global scope anyway.

* Brighter storage.type.class and storage.type.function

* Better contrast for invisibles (tabs and space marker when selected)

* Made folder for colors stuff and add folder for code samples

* Function in orange and variables in pink. Remove bold for variables.

* Renamed orange-red to red-bright and red-pink to pink-bright.

* Fix colors for css based on original screenshot from 2013

* Revert to white variables, pink was ugly

* Add many code samples

* Test to add new screenshot to test display on github

* Readme with many screenshots

* Bigger color palette
Latest commit 39740e9 Aug 14, 2019


Glacier is a flat, colorful theme/scheme combo for Sublime Text. It focuses on using saturated colors to introduce more contrast and visual interest compared to other flat approaches.

Glacier Screenshot (font shown in screenshots is Fira Code)

Color Palette


Via Package Control

Theme is listed as Theme - Glacier in Will Bond's Sublime Package Control.


  1. Download the .zip
  2. Unzip and rename the folder to Theme - Glacier
  3. Copy the folder into Packages directory, which you can find using the menu item Preferences -> Browse Packages... in Sublime Text


Activate the UI theme and color scheme by modifying your user preferences file, which you can find using the menu item Preferences -> Settings - User in Sublime Text or cmd, on a Mac.

To change the color of the text input background, open Glacier.sublime-theme, search for "widget" and follow the comments.

Example settings

  "theme": "Glacier.sublime-theme",
  "color_scheme": "Packages/Theme - Glacier/glacier.sublime-color-scheme",
  // "color_scheme": "Packages/Theme - Glacier/glacier-legacy.tmTheme",
  "font_face": "Ubuntu Mono"

Color Scheme

The color scheme has been tested against many languages:









Key uses Hashed Syntax Highlighting. If you wish to disable this, create this file: Packages/Users/glacier-theme/glacier.sublime-color-scheme and add this in it:

  "rules": [
      "name": "JSON - Keys",
      "scope": "source.json meta.mapping.key.json string.quoted.double.json",
      "foreground": "var(blue-bright-1)"
















In case you were using this theme before 2019 and you prefer the original colors, you can activate glacier-legacy.tmTheme. But you will loose latest additions like "gutter line diff" and Markups colorization.

Other Editors

Glacier has been ported to:


Most icons are from the fantastic Spacegray by Gadzhi Kharkharov - the folder icon seen in the sidebar is from the talented Joe Harrison via the noun project.

Future Updates

This is my first time writing a theme/color scheme for Sublime, so I have much to learn. As I learn more about styling bits and pieces of the UI, I will make improvements. Please feel free to open issues as you see fit, fork and improve, or contact/follow me on Twitter.

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