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showaltb blog

Built with Jekyll, themed with Lanyon, and assembled/reorganized by Bobby Showalter.


  • rake post["Title"] creates a new post with the template file (templates/_post.txt). The filename is generated with the Jekyll-formatted date and the supplied ["Title"]. This new post is then opened in the default editor (currently set to vim). Posts are automatically added to the Archive page.

  • rake draft["Title"] is the same as rake post["Title"], but only generates a draft that does not get published.

  • rake publish displays a numbered list of unpublished drafts. After choosing a draft, the Jekyll-formatted date is automatically added to the filename, and the draft is moved from _drafts to _posts for publishing.

  • rake page["Title"], rake page["Title","path/to/folder"] creates a new page with the template file (templates/_page.txt). New pages are written with Markdown and automatically included in the sidebar (as long as they use layout: page).

  • rake build, rake build["drafts"] work the same as jekyll build and jekyll build --drafts. This command only compiles the site to _site; it does not start a server.

  • rake watch, rake watch[number], rake watch["drafts"] build the site (with optional limited [number] of posts or with ["drafts"]), start a server, and automatically rebuild the site when changes are saved.



This file contains all the configuration options for Jekyll. The groups have been arranged alphabetically by header, but can be reordered in whatever way makes sense. Reusable site data should not be placed into this file.

The local server is currently set to use host: and port: 3000; these are customizable and will be used by rake watch to serve the site.


These files are for reusable site data. The key: value pairs in these files are accessed with liquid output markup: {{<file name>.<key name> }}. Options for configuring Jekyll itself should be placed in _config.yml.



This project is using the .scss version of Sass. The main stylesheet with all of the @imports is in public/css/styles.scss, while the partials are in public/css/_scss. Jekyll is already configured to look in this folder for partials, so you can safely omit public/css/_scss when using @import. Note that all partials' filenames must begin with an underscore (_partial.scss).

The Sass output is currently configured as :compressed.

Lanyon theme

The Lanyon theme ships with a few color themes. Unfortunately, the default names are pretty tough to remember. To help use these themes, they have been given useful names in _data/colors.yml. To change the theme, open _layouts/default.html and locate <body class="{{<color name> }}"> Replace <color name> with your desired color to change the theme.

More themes can be added by editing the "Themes" section in public/css/_scss/_lanyon.scss.

Lanyon was set to use the PT Sans/Serif typefaces; they have been swapped out with the Source Sans Pro typeface. The original references to PT Sans/Serif have only been commented out in case you would like to switch back.


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